Did you know that Newark has one of the largest collections of cherry blossom trees? It’s true, there are 5,000 of them and they’re at the city’s Branch Brook Park. Newark’s Cherry Blossom Festival is Saturday, April 17, and the Newark Museum of Art is celebrating with a special virtual community day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Beginning at 10 a.m., guests can tune in for video drops with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, learn amazing fun facts about Cherry Blossoms, watch a fierce competition between pastry chefs inspired by blossoming flowers, learn the basics of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony and more.

“The Newark Museum of Art is excited to dedicate our upcoming Community Day to an art-inspired celebration of the Cherry Blossom Festival,” said Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, Deputy Director of Learning & Engagement at The Newark Museum of Art. “This virtual event is a remarkable way to welcome spring while experiencing the Japanese culture through our fun programming.”

The day’s events get started at 10 with a performance of “A Celebration of Spring” with the Chamber Players of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra via video stream.

At 11, you can listen along with a story inspired by cherry blossoms during “Books and Blooms.”

At noon there’s a video presentation of 10 fun facts about cherry blossoms.

At 1, there’s Sugar Showdown: A Dessert Decorating Challenge pitting pastry chefs making creations inspired by blooming flowers.

At 2:30, you can learn how to make paper flowers to decorate your home, and finally, at 4, is “The Art of Japanese Tea.”

All events and activities are appropriate for children as young as 3.

For more information, or to register for the activities, check out their website.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Doyle. Any opinions expressed are Bill Doyle's own.

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