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So we've been doing these Jersey Cash Codes awhile, which are always voiced by Jill Myra and are always single, random words. My weird brain had to go to work yesterday and started thinking of a parody. Instead of Cash Codes, Murphy Codes. NOT to be confused with the contest, we asked NJ101.5 listeners to come up with a single word they would use to describe Gov. Phil Murphy. Since there's been a lot of frustration with the pandemic restrictions for a year now, naturally people went for the jugular.

Now if you're going to feel it's so unfair to allow people to insult the governor, perhaps you should stop reading here. People are entitled to their opinion of the governor. He's a public official who puts himself out there for scrutiny. In The People vs. Larry Flynt, Edward Norton's terrific portrayal of real-life lawyer Alan Isaacman saw him arguing before the United States Supreme Court where he makes the point, "This country is founded at least in part on the firm belief that unpopular speech is absolutely vital to the health of our nation."

If you agree, read on.

We asked callers to give us their Murphy Code, a single word to best describe Gov. Phil Murphy. Here's some of what they came up with.


Can you go wrong here? Defined as a clumsy, stupid person. Remember that awkward leap on stage after he won election? Just sayin'.


Ouch. He'd probably prefer lummox.


This was called in by a woman who chose it because Murphy reminds her of Mr. Ed the talking horse saying its owner's name, "Willlllburrrr."


This didn't take long. Many have called him this because of the extensive use of executive orders throughout the pandemic.


Come on, Jersey, don't be shy, tell us how you really feel!


Ah, the teeth would have to come up at some point, wouldn't they?


One for all the Beatles fans.


See Chiclets.


Our own Bill Doyle offered this one. Commuters will get it.


See Tyrant.


I'm just going to let you figure this out.


See Charmin.


Again, the lockdowns.

There were others, and I even think there was one positive one at the very end, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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