You’ve got to be kidding me.

On Wednesday morning, a repo company got the orders to repossess a man’s Acura in East Orange, according to a report on citing city authorities. With his 1-year-old baby girl in the back seat, he stopped outside a residence around 9:30 a.m. and briefly went inside while she remained in the vehicle, the report said.

That’s right when the tow truck moved in, according to the report.

Now I suppose repo jobs are safest from conflict if they move quickly, but are you telling me a tow operator in this situation doesn’t even check for children in the car? Isn’t that a must when someone doesn’t know their car is being repossessed? It’s not like the guy called the tow truck and was expecting this.

Yes, dumb of him, too, for leaving his 1-year-old daughter in the car without keeping it in sight even if for only a few minutes. Equally dumb though for the guy repossessing it to recklessly assume no children were in that car.

So there goes the Acura hooked to the tow truck with the baby still inside. It was brought to Newark while someone called the police. Four officers along with EMS showed up to where the car was taken, and found the baby girl safe.

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