It's not like the solutions aren't understood. It's not like people don't know ways New Jersey could save some of that ultra-high taxes spent on education. But would it ever do what's necessary?

Jim Gearhart took on the burden every New Jersey taxpayer lives with — school taxes — in this week's edition of the Jim Gearhart Show, live on Facebook every Thursday at 10:30 a.m., and available here as a podcast every week. But he's tired of the way nothing ever seems to change — and no one ever seems to vote for those who might change things.

And even with those high taxes, many schools are leaving parents on the hook for helping pay for activities and sports. ...

A few of your comments:

Luisa D Erich-Carr: 1,200 superintendents at $200,000 is costing $240,000,000 plus benefits.

Dave Vincent: So many superintendents. How about cut their salaries? Also don’t need a million vice principals.

Anna Hackett: While I don't agree we should be paying $4 million for illegal immigrants' tuition assistance, we have a bigger problem — our overblown education system. We spend over $38 billion to keep 585 districts and 1200 superintendents.

Antonio Teta: County-wide school districts. This helps the huge overhead of administration costs in the state.

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