FRANKFORD — The team behind a grassroots rally to support President Donald Trump's re-election bid has been ordered by the president's campaign not to bill future events as "Trump rallies."

Skylands Stadium in the Augusta section of the township hosted a NJ4TRUMP rally on Wednesday, which drew roughly 3,500 people, the New Jersey Herald reported.

The event listing on Facebook as seen Thursday did have the disclaimer, "The event is not affiliated with the Trump Campaign or any campaign or political organization."

It also ran down speakers and attendees, adding the line "other potential SURPRISE APPEARANCES!"

"By misappropriating the President's name and calling your event a 'Trump rally' when it is no such thing, you create unacceptable confusion among the President's supporters," according to a cease-and-desist letter sent to the NJ4Trump organization, as reported by the New Jersey Globe.

Republican U.S. Senate challenger Rik Mehta and congressional challenger Rosemary Becchi both told the New Jersey Globe that they had not attended the rally.

Other Republican politicians running for office were billed as participants, including congressional challengers Frank Pallota, Billy Premph and Jim Bognet.

Also in attendance were Atilis Gym owenrs Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, who defied the pandemic executive orders of Gov. Phil Murphy.

There was no admission fee for Wednesday's event, which also featured skydivers, live music and fireworks.

An email sent to NJ4Trump's spokesperson Barbara Holplacestein, who is running for the Montague Board of Education, was not immediately answered Thursday.

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