Camden County Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo said it was a "horrible, embarrassing stumble" that led her to leave out the phrase "under God" while referencing the Pledge of Allegiance during her introduction of Hillary Clinton at a campaign Thursday.

Standing on stage next to the Democratic front runner in the Blackwood school's gymnasium, the Freeholder who is five months into her first political position ever, started to say “under” but then stopped.

“Only Hillary can bring us together as one nation, un —”  Angulo said, pausing on the partial word for a second before dropping it.

“Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” Angulo continued as Clinton nodded her head.

"It was just overwhelming and I have to say I am so embarrassed for stumbling at the worst possible time of my speech," Angulo told New Jersey 101.5 on Thursday. "Anyone who has seen me speak knows I proudly say 'God Bless America' in all my speeches. My apologies if anyone thought it was intentional."

Angulo, who describes herself as a a part-time property maintenance manager and full time mother, said she knew there was a stumble and realized she tripped up on more than just the word "indivisible," noting she always recites the pledge correctly at freeholder meetings.

While she appreciates that her name has gotten out there with all the coverage, she has also taken criticism from all around the country.

"From Texas and Seattle, Washington, too saying 'oh, so you're a God hater' or 'you should leave this country and take those illegal aliens with you and the terrorists.'"

Angulo's biggest concern is protecting her daughters Sophie, 9, and Chloe, 11, from the comments.

"Beat me down to a pulp but please don't pull my children in it with me. That was my biggest fear. That's not nice," Angulo said.  Her girls were excited about being at the event and thought it was cool.

Angulo said she thought it was a prank when she got a late night phone call from the event organizers the had been chosen to do the introduction.

"I consider myself very lucky to have this opportunity," Angulo said, and would do it again if asked. "It was an unbelievable experience for me. For me this was so meaningful because (Clinton) has the potential of being the next president and the first female president of the United States."

Most importantly to Angulo, a Clinton presidency represents the American Dream she has for her girls. "Nothing is impossible when you work hard."


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