Why are people so afraid of using real terms? Why have so many media outlets become complicit in the drive to soften the language which is legally defined by our own government in the Immigration and Nationality Act? The correct term for someone here illegally is alien. Actually, there are several different types of aliens. Cornel Law defines them as,

The problem is that when neutral news sources bow to the forces of political correctness, your money follows. The latest battle is over how much money in the New Jersey budget should be allocated to allow illegal immigrants to fight lawful deportation orders, think about that for a second. They broke the law, should not be in the country in the first place and you pay for their defense. We already have an Attorney General in NJ who is nothing more than a glorified political hack masquerading as a law enforcement leader. AG Grewal has instituted a dangerous policy pitting law enforcement entities against one another by prohibiting local cops from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. Now advocates want to pour money into defending aliens against lawful deportation orders. The question is whether you want to pay more taxes in order to support the illegal community fighting your own federal government. Remember, you're paying for the feds too!

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