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Buddy Valastro, the celebrity baker a.k.a. the Cake Boss, was hospitalized Sunday. He suffered a terrible crinjury (cringe injury) at his home in a bizarre bowling incident. Yes, he has a bowling lane in his home because when you have earned Cake Boss money you can have things like that.

There was a malfunction in the pinsetting mechanism and while he’s fixed it himself before with no issue, this time something went horrifically wrong. He was trying to release a pin from this contraption when his right hand got stuck and then compressed in the machine. His hand trapped and unable to be removed, Valastro had no choice but to watch as a metal rod slowly, repeatedly impaled his hand between the middle and ring finger, in and out and back in three times before stopping with the rod lodged right through him.

He remained that way for several long minutes as his sons ran to find a reciprocating saw they used to cut the rod and get their dad’s hand free from the machine, but with part of the rod still embedded in him.

He underwent emergency surgery to remove the rod at Morristown Medical center then had a second surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. A spokesperson said Valastro is in for an uphill battle and will need a prolonged recovery period and a lot of therapy. Making it even more difficult is the fact that the crinjury happened to his dominant hand.


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