Maybe it’s a sequel. Die Hard With A Ventilator.

New Jersey raised actor Bruce Willis is making news and making a fool of himself for being thrown out of a drug store in Los Angeles for refusing to wear a mask during the national health crisis. People inside the Rite Aid store grew upset that the movie star wouldn’t cover his face even though he easily could have; he had a bandana tied around his neck just hanging there.

The story on doesn’t make it clear whether it was management, an employee or other customers who asked him to mask up or get out. But the story has it that he chose the latter, leaving the store without buying what he came for.

Keep in mind Los Angeles County is the epicenter of the California outbreak with 12,674 COVID-19 deaths as a write this. It will be more as you read this because someone is dying of this every six minutes there.

Social media, of course, went nuts.

Bruce Willis was an army brat and was born in Germany then grew up in Carneys Point, NJ. He went to Penns Grove High School, once worked at the Salem Nuclear Power Plant and studied acting at Montclair State. Also, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

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