If you’re a football fan in New Jersey you don’t have a lot of hometown pride these days. The Jets haven’t won a single game. Neither have the Giants. Eagles are 1-3-1.

So maybe this will help?

Raiders QB Derek Carr invoked the name of our own Bruce Springsteen in an audible during a game against the Chiefs.

Carr has been known for this. He’s used head coach Jon Gruden’s wife Cindy’s name in the past. That was in the season opener. Michael Nowels’ article in The Mercury News says you can also faintly hear Joe Montana’s name in this same clip but I can’t pick it out.

Is it any surprise after Bruce “Born To Run” Springsteen’s name was used in the audible that it was a running play? It was called on a 2nd and three and Josh Jacobs ran it for a first down.

Whatever works. Las Vegas went on to beat last year’s Super Bowl champions Kansas City 40 - 32 bringing their record to 3 and 2.

No idea if Carr is a Springsteen fan, but he’s never lived in the northeast. He grew up in Fresno and Bakersfield, California then went to Fresno State before his pro career in Oakland/Las Vegas.

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