Bring your daughter to work day started in 1993 as a way to encourage girls that the workplace wasn't just for boys. Encourage them to seek careers other than nurse, teacher or homemaker.

Fast forward 25 years and most of our building is women. I have a female boss. There are two other female supervisors in the building. Female college grads outnumber male grads and the gap is growing. Nice job, Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation, blah, blah blah.

A few years back the boys started whining (because that's what we train them to do now) and they're included too. Yay! Whatever. The group we had in this year was adorable, well behaved, bright and one of them can dance better than that backpack kid on YouTube. I love that dance and I wanted to make a video showing how to do it. I auditioned some of our staff and interns, but the our big boss' son, Noah, nailed it! Watch in the video above!

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