BRICK — Township police say they recently rescued a dog left outside on a scorching hot balcony at a condo complex, while the dog owner's roommate was inside sleeping.

On Sunday around 4 p.m., officers responded to a report at 252 Sawmill Road, of a dog left unattended on a third-floor balcony in direct sun for several hours. No one answered the front door when officers knocked, police said.

According to police, the pit bull was panting heavily and barking and appeared to be in distress, as an officer used a laser temperature gauge to determine that the temperature on the balcony's surface was in excess of 110 degrees.

Police called the Herbertsville Fire Company to have a ladder brought to the scene and one of the responding officers climbed to the balcony and let the dog in through an unlocked sliding glass door, police said.

The officer then found a roommate who did not own the dog had been inside, sleeping, police said.

The dog was brought to an emergency veterinarian for overnight treatment and observation, and is doing well, police said.

On Monday, the dog’s owner, Jade Brown, was issued a summons for alleged failure to provide care for an animal.

The dog was taken from her possession and now is being cared for at a local animal shelter, according to police.

Police did not disclose whether Brown had asked the roommate to care for the dog in her absence.

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