Some kids in Bordentown are making their moms and dads and everyone else awfully proud. A group of talented girls playing softball for the 12 year old Little League district team from Bordentown recently won the NJ Little League Majors State Tournament. This is the same group of young, hard working women who won state at 10U. They've stuck it out together through thick and thin to win not one but two state championships. This is the true definition of a team. All the girls have been at it since they were 5 or 6 years old. Now at 12 and 13 they are on their way to Connecticut for regionals and possibly the World Series.

This pic is from the Bordentown Little League's Facebook page. The pride of Bordentown ought to be the pride of our whole state.

Listen to some of these stats.
They won The 2018 NJ District 12 - 12 Year Old Softball Tournament on June 29. (scored 23 runs and allowed 0 runs in the District tournament)
They won The 2018 NJ Section 3 - 12 Year Old Softball Tournament on July 8. (scored 34 runs and allowed 3 runs in the Section tournament)
They won The 2018 NJ State 12 Year Old Softball Tournament on July 14. (scored 21 runs and allowed 1 run in the State tournament)

I think this is what you call a juggernaut, folks. How great would it be to have another group of New Jersey kids end up in another World Series, only girls this time? You can follow the action on ESPN. Their first game is this Saturday at 10am. Here's the ESPN schedule.

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