ROXBURY — New Jersey 101.5's own Bob Williams is recovering after receiving a crucial kidney transplant, thanks to longtime neighborhood acquaintance turned kidney donor, Kim Roumes.

On Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, Williams shared an update on Facebook, voicing his gratitude to his fellow township resident. He posted a couple of photos and wrote "This is Kim Roumes, my kidney donor — the woman who saved my life. There are no words that can properly describe the love I have for this selfless and caring human being. We now share a lifelong bond. My gratefulness is eternal."

Roumes, a mother of four, said her three sons played Little League baseball with Williams' sons, but that she can't remember the last time she had seen Williams in-person before recently.

When Kathleen Williams shared her husband's dire situation on Facebook, Roumes said, she immediately sent in the request for more information on the donor screening process.

Roumes said she went in for a meeting at St. Barnabas Hospital two days before Thanksgiving and left feeling confident that she would follow through with donating if she proved to be a suitable match.

The next day, she was at the local Panera restaurant with her teen daughter, when they ran into Williams, picking up an order. Roumes said her jaw dropped at the fateful timing and she filled Williams in that she was the prospective donor he recently had heard about.

They hugged "a million times" according to Roumes, and Williams told Roumes' daughter that her mom was an angel. Roumes told Williams that their in-person meeting was a sign that things would "work out."

Around Christmas, the kidney transplant was set for Feb. 12.

NJ neighbor and kidney donor gives priceless gift Bob Williams
NJ neighbor and kidney donor gives priceless gift (courtesy Bob Williams)

Roumes said relative to what Williams' health problems were and would have been, her decision was "a simple thing" -- and she found herself wondering why more people don't explore becoming a living donor.

Both Roumes and Williams are doing well one week after their surgeries.

They said they hope to raise awareness about the issue they now have first-hand experience with and even have tentative plans to take part in an upcoming 5K for the NJ Sharing Network.

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