For the past 8 years we've spent every Friday on the air honoring the men and women who wear the uniform to protect and serve our communities.

This Friday we received a note from a mom asking us to honor her son.

Judy Shoudy wrote this:

"I’d like to nominate an officer for Blue Friday. His name is Mike Shoudy. He’s a police officer in Randolph , NJ. His dad is a retired East Hanover Police officer having served 33 years. His name is Glenn Shoudy. Patrolman Mike Shoudy honors his dad by running every day through the neighborhood carrying the American flag for his dad who is now in hospice care at home due to a long battle with cancer. This is my son running, and my husband who is ill . I’d like to see my son honored for not only honoring his dad, but also for the patriot pride all the neighborhood has when they cheer him on when he is running . It brings pride and tears to everyone watching him."


This story hit us close to home as Officer Glenn Shoudy trained my friend Chris Cannizzo who is now the police Chief in East Hanover.

Judy Shoudy spoke with us on air a few years ago as she was advocating for a bill in Trenton to honor fallen first responders.

Glenn Shoudy and Mike Shoudy (Photo via Judy Shoudy and Canva)
Glenn Shoudy and Mike Shoudy (Photo via Judy Shoudy and Canva)

She works at COP2COP which is a call-in line offering support to police officers facing the challenges of the job.

Mike Shoudy's brother is also hoping to follow the family example and become a police officer.

Thank you, Judy, for letting us know about your son Mike.

Mike Shoudy at the Law Enforcement Torch Run (Photo via Judy Shoudy)
Mike Shoudy at the Law Enforcement Torch Run (Photo via Judy Shoudy)

Know that we are all praying for your husband Glenn and the safety of all of our New Jersey police officers.

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