Rabbi Yesuda Levin has a problem with the Lakewood BlueClaws "Pride Night" set for this Saturday. The Lakewood rabbi, who once ran against Ed Koch for Mayor of New York, is organizing a protest Thursday night at First Energy Park where the team plays. If you watch the rabbi's videos you will see his anti-gay stance. It just so happened too that on Wednesday night, Rabbi Levin called into my show! It was a heated conversation to say the least.

It seems the Rabbi's views are based on his religion, which is his decision and his right as an American. My problem is when he tries to force his views on you and the Lakewood BlueClaws by telling them what promotions they can and can't have. He even goes so far as to talk about how the deal that the team has structured with the city for the ballpark. There's not enough time to go over all the "deals" that are saving people money in Lakewood, but I digress.

The rabbi has a problem with the LBGTQ community or as he calls it, "The LBTQRST propaganda." You would figure that a man whose religion has dealt with antisemitic rhetoric wouldn't be dishing out bigotry. It's his right to spread his beliefs to those who share them, assuming that's his flock. There's no need to condemn others for how they feel.

Regardless of what your religious beliefs are, we live in the United States of America, where we have the freedom to choose our religion as well as express our sexuality. Believe it or not, we also live in a capitalistic society where businesses can attempt to make as much as they can, and if the Lakewood BlueClaws want to have a "Pride Night," so be it. If it doesn't draw it will go away, and not for religious reasons.

I'm sure if the BlueClaws had a night honoring the Lakewood Jewish community, the LGBTQ community would not have a problem with it — they would even get the name right, if in fact they would even care.

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