🔴 Resident reported child abduction to police

🔴 Investigators found the driver

🔴 No child was ever in danger

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (Bergen) — Authorities say they've figured out what led a township resident to report that a young child was placed into a trunk over the weekend.

There was nothing criminal about the initially suspicious incident that occurred in Washington Township on Saturday, according to Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella.

Police got a report around 4:40 p.m. that a white woman in her mid-30s had put a child around the age of eight years old into the trunk of her red sedan.

But there was no sign of a struggle. The person who went into the trunk didn't even object to climbing inside.

Washington Township (Bergen) police (Facebook)
Washington Township (Bergen) police (Facebook)

Authorities quickly went to the public asking for help to find the mysterious sedan.

Investigators found the driver

Video surveillance from the area helped investigators to find the red sedan on Sunday.

As it turned out, there was no woman in her mid-30s and there was no child.

Instead, both the driver and the other person were teenagers, Musella said.

Red sedan that was previously considered suspicious (Washington Township police)
Red sedan that was previously considered suspicious (Washington Township police)

The teenager who climbed into the trunk had agreed to get in. They got out soon after.

No child was ever in danger

The teenager got into the trunk to hide from a parent, the Daily Voice reported.

A group of teens was driving around and picking up their friends. One parent did not approve of them hanging out with one teen, so they got into the trunk to hide while picking up another friend.

The group then went to the mall, according to the report.

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