In case you didn't hear the announcements Bill made on last Friday's show, he will not be on air for the next several weeks. We know how rumors can build, so we want you to know that no, he was not fired. No he did not quit. No he was not offered a job in the Trump administration, nor was arrested outside Jennifer Connelly's house, nor was he abducted by aliens.

Bill is dealing with an ongoing medical situation which finally required surgery. The surgery is pretty intense and he'll need to take it easy for several weeks. As soon as he's able, he will be back on the show and we look forward to his return. In the meantime I'm wishing my on-air partner of over 20 years (man that's hard to believe, we were practically kids when we started this) all the best and a healthy recovery.

In the interim, our producer Joe Votruba is stepping up to fill in for Bill while he's away. I promise I'll try to keep Joe's singing to a minimum. Please join Joe and me afternoons 2 - 7 as we keep up the NJ101.5 tradition of bringing you the daily news and also having as much fun as law allows.

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