The COVID-19 shutdown has changed so many things here in New Jersey. Almost nothing works the way it used to. I have written about how it has changed real estate buying and selling patterns, traffic patterns, radio listening patterns, and now here’s something else to add to the mix: Bicycles are more valuable than ever before.

Nobody really knows why bicycles have become an object of desire for many a New Jersey thief. It probably has to do with thugs not wanting to take public transportation because of fears of contracting coronavirus. Plus, since many people aren’t working there’s simply more leisure time and less to do. At the beginning of the pandemic, bicycling became the first thing that people felt comfortable to do when they left their houses. They hadn’t gotten fresh air after being locked up for so long and so we saw more bicyclists out on the streets and we had in many years. Asbury Park recently had a spate of bike thefts as did Hoboken.

According to an article on, Hoboken police say that there have been more than 100 thefts this year, with most of them in the past two months. And an article on reports that Asbury Park Police Department is reminding everyone to secure their bicycles due to an increase in the amount of bicycle thefts being reported. I have a friend who was mugged and pushed off his expensive bicycle in New York City because nowadays, a bike is as valuable as a car was in the 80s.

It’s lightweight, it’s easy to steal, and it gives people something to do while they’re not working. —like you used to. At least for the near future, make sure to like lock your bicycle up with a strong you lock preferably locking it in two different places on the bike. And don’t leave it anywhere unlocked even for a minute.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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