It is no secret that the rough winter weather left many of New Jersey's roadways strewn with potholes. As the weather warms up, more people will be using different modes of transportation to get around, and AAA Mid-Atlantic felt it was the perfect time to extend its roadside assistance program to include bicyclists.

Family riding bikes together (Photo by Polka Dot Images, ThinkStock)

"Unfortunately, the roads are covered with potholes and that poses a grave danger to cyclists," said Tracy Noble, AAA Mid-Atlantic. "If you are riding your bike and you damage a wheel or blow a tire or even pop a chain, AAA Mid-Atlantic will come to your rescue."

Current members of AAA Mid-Atlantic do not have to do anything to activate the bicycle roadside service. It is automatically embedded into each current level of membership.

The bicycle towing mileage is the same as vehicle towing mileage and includes three miles for Basic members, 100 miles for Plus/Premier members and one 200 mile tow for a Premier member.

Coverage and restrictions are as follows:

  • Member must be present at the time of service and have a valid AAA Mid-Atlantic card.
  • Bicycle service is not available to members of other AAA clubs.
  • Bicycle service applies to all two-wheeled bicycles, including rental bicycles and tandem/trailers pulled by bicycles.
  • Bicycle service is limited to transporting a bicycle back home, to bike repair shop etc. due to breakdown disablement. Mechanical repairs not included, including bicycle lock service.
  • Service is provided only along a normally traveled road or street.
  • AAA Bicycle Service is provided to AAA Mid-Atlantic Members only within the AAA Mid-Atlantic territories.
  • Bicycle service is provided for the rider whose bicycle is disabled and accompanying minors.

"Our technicians are not mechanics, so the service does not include repairs on the side of the road. What we can do is provide a towing service and get the bicyclist and the bike to a safe location," Noble said.

The new bicycle service covers over 1 million AAA Mid-Atlantic members in New Jersey.

For more information on the program, click here.