What Jackie Olsen said happened to her shouldn't happen to anybody.  

Bikes vs Cars - Who is the bigger menace on the road

According to Jackie, she was driving in Tewksbury when a group of dozens of men wearing matching white and blue spandex hogged the road in front of her, not allowing her to pass.  When she tried, they blocked the road even more.  When she blew her horn asking them to make room, she says they attacked her car.  30 men with bicycles only stopped once they saw her dialing 911.  Left behind were greasy handprints all over the hood and side of her car, a smashed out mirror, and a dent on her passenger door.



Nice.  Real nice.


This doesn't surprise me as I've seen too many bicyclists who want it both ways and who display a level of arrogance that wouldn't be tolerated from a driver of a car.  Many cyclists recite the mantra of how they have the same legal right to the road as do cars.  Yet they often don't want to adhere to the same actual rules.  I've seen them ride several abreast way below the speed limit, thus blocking traffic, something they're not supposed to do.  I've seen them treat stop signs like they were optional.  No, not all bicyclists, but there are far too many cocky militant ones.

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