It would be easy to say, better late than never, but people died, so that would be a tad insensitive. Plenty of doctors were prescribing medicines like hydroxychloroquine to treat the symptoms of COVID many months ago, helping people recover and in many cases prevent the need for a hospital visit. But politicians and their shills in corporate medicine seemed to have other plans.

The minute the president touted the drug, which would have easily been distributed throughout the nation, politicians and hospital bureaucrats put on the brakes. Now a study released by Hackensack Meridian Health in New Jersey says that the drug use shows a lower rate of hospitalization compared to those not treated. Sadly, it's too late for thousands of New Jersey residents who perished while government panicked and hospital bureaucrats helped cast doubt on something that they were administering at their own facilities.

I had several conversations back in April with my friend, Congressman Chris Smith, who pushed hard to get the governor to roll out the use of the drug to help keep hospitalizations down. It's clear to me that the governor chose politics over people's lives and many died. It's a bit late for "Big Medicine" to now release a report touting the effectiveness of the drug when doctors were using it successfully as early as March 2020.

I reported on a famous comedy club security chief who credits the drug with saving his life, and he was treated after being admitted to the hospital. And that was just one example of how successful the drug was at the height of the pandemic. With all of the evidence and the fact that we are now seeing an experimental vaccine pushed by the media, hospitals and politicians it is irresponsible at best and criminal at worst if hospitals knowingly kept a life-saving drug away from patients who needed it.

What's worse is that all the conversation is about the vaccine now, in my opinion, because that's where the money is. Not a lotta money in a treatment that has been around for decades — right, guys?

We're told to be outraged that a hospital in New Jersey fast tracked the vaccine to friends and family of top executives. Really? Elite bureaucrats took care of their own? Wow, not that big a deal. Who cares? The real outrage should be that we were denied the use of a life-saving drug because it wasn't "conclusive" but are told we can't get back to normal life until we take an experimental vaccine that is already shown to have potentially deadly side effects.

Again, politics and money seem to be the priority for hospital and government bureaucrats. Saving lives? Allowing life to continue as normal? That may not be profitable enough. Guess they all learned from the swine flu in 2009. No panic; no profit.

When it comes to your health, my advice is to follow the direction of your personal physician.

I had a great conversation with a very rational and measured New Jersey doc and he shared his thoughts on the vaccine and outpatient treatment for COVID. Always appreciate the time from Dr. Craig Wax. Listen to our conversation here:

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