It’s the holidays and time for a new holiday beverage recipe to help celebrate! Here’s Big Joe Henry’s recipe for his version of a Hot Holiday Toddy for the grown-ups. This holiday favorite is also great if you’re coming down with a holiday cold or flu…

flickr - photo by johannakoll


¾ cup of apple cider

¼ cup of Capt. Morgan’s Spiced Rum

Dash of nutmeg

Cinnamon Stick

½ of on orange squeezed

1 orange twist

Pat of butter

How to put it together:

Heat apple cider in sauce pan, add nutmeg, squeeze of orange, cinnamon stick and pat of butter, come to slow boil then to large coffee cup add rum (room temperature) pour hot cider in mug, adding orange twist and stir with cooked cinnamon stick. Serve hot, drink before it gets cold. Works wonders on a sore throat.

Note: You can omit rum if you want, just add a teaspoonful of brown sugar instead in the cooking process of cider, or if you want to burn the alcohol off add the rum in the boiling of the cider, let mixture come to a full boil for 3 minutes to burn off the alcohol. Make sure that the rum is added to the cider away from the flame of the stove. Adding the rum while the burner is on could cause a flare-up. Enjoy!