I’ve lived in Raritan Township for five years. Which is basically Flemington. It’s a Flemington mailing address. The school district is Flemington-Raritan. But they technically are two separate towns.

Flemington is a very small town with Raritan Township encircling it. The town is very historic. Buildings here date back to the 1700s. In fact, this town is so historic that 65% of its buildings are registered with the Nation Register of Historic Places. So historic that long before the O.J. trial, the real “trial of the century” in 1935, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case, was tried at the Hunterdon County Courthouse.

Jeff Deminski photo
Jeff Deminski photo

I pass it all the time. It’s on Main Street, the same street where I helped my daughter pick out ballet clothes and helped my son buy flowers for the first time. Across the street from the courthouse is the Union Hotel. This place is 208 years old. Think about that. The hotel and former stagecoach stop was built 47 years before the Civil War.

Yes, the history here is deep. So are the ghost stories.

Like many, many places in Flemington, the Union Hotel is believed by some to be haunted. Stories of encounters go way back.

Jeff Deminski photo
Jeff Deminski photo

From weirdnj.com

“In its most recent incarnation, the Union Hotel operated as a bar and restaurant. A former manager (who asked to remain anonymous) told us that one night after closing a bouncer locked the front doors then returned to the bar where a few of the staff were sitting around having a drink. Suddenly the locked doors flew wide open and a cold wind swept past them. When the bouncer went back out to reclose the doors, he saw a disembodied pair of children’s black patent-leather shoes walking up the main stairway. He freaked out and ran across the street. He then called his fellow employees on the phone and told everyone to get out of the hotel.”

Other stories include hearing disembodied voices from a vacant dining room. Seeing a young girl in a fancy dress running around after hours. Hearing an otherworldly voice humming lullabies.

Whether you’re a believer in the paranormal or a fan of history or both, it’s been announced that a walking ghost tour is coming to this historic town. Gus Manz, a local who helped create the Flemington Ghost Walk, says,

“Most people know that the Union Hotel and the old county courthouse are haunted given all that transpired there, but I don’t think they know that there are a lot of other spots in the borough that are haunted.”

It’s a 90-minute walking tour that starts at 8 p.m. on two select Fridays a month through October. A guide brings groups of no more than 25 on a mile and a quarter walking tour that makes 15 stops. Stories are told. Mediums share their impressions.

You’ll hear of the hanging of slaves, one right in front of the courthouse.

Tales are told of a young boy killed in a car wreck who haunts Reading-Fleming Intermediate School and pulls a fire alarm at the start of each new school year. We locals call this school “Riffis” (RFIS) and my older kids who went there both said the place used to give them the creeps and they didn’t know why.

Then there’s Lone Eagle Brewing said to be visited by a woman who used to live in the same building.

Halo Studio Salon where chairs are said to go spinning around on their own.

If you want in on this Flemington Ghost Walk their website is simply flemingtonghostwalk.com.

Tickets are $18 for adults and $12 for kids 12 and under. Don’t worry about the weather. The tours happen rain or shine…or bumps in the night.

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