I spotted a neighbor putting up his Christmas lights this past weekend, Nov. 7 to be exact. I saw a few more in another neighborhood. I took a recent trip to the local CVS for a nightlight bulb and they were out of them. The shelves are already stocked with Christmas decorations and holiday candies.

Every year it seems we complain about how early the stores get their Christmas stuff out on display. This year they're expecting a busier than usual shopping and decorating season. People are staying home more and hungry for more holiday joy in their lives. On a trip to my local hardware store, I noticed the artificial Christmas trees were already on display this past weekend too. The shelves were fully stocked with lights, extension cords, ornaments and Christmas gadgets.

Normally, I only buy lights and decorations on an emergency, something-broke-or-burned-out basis. This year, a Christmas gadget caught my eye and I noticed it was almost sold out already. I just had to have it. It will go up in the attic after Christmas with all of the other ornaments and decorations, but I can't lose it or break it. It will bring more joy to my holiday season every year from here on out. Generations from now my descendants will cherish this Christmas item and will remember me fondly for it.


Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media

If you've ever tried to keep the live cut, fully decorated, tree with presents under it, watered, you understand my joy.

Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media

Whoever invented this thing should take Santa's place as the most prominent figure in secular celebrations of the holiday ... forever!

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