Pork roll, egg, and cheese is a staple for many in the Garden State.

For me, after the debacle of taking on Joey Chesnut in a pork roll eating contest a few years ago, I haven't fully returned to eating the "Pac-Man" of breakfast meats. If you've cooked it at home, you know what I'm talking about! Although I have reconciled with the greasy meat, it's no longer a go-to.

That said, I'm all in for places that offer sausage, egg, and cheese. For me, the best sausage, egg, and cheese comes from local delis and coffee shops, not just because I prefer to support New Jersey small business instead of the big chains, but there's something to a cook manning the grill and serving up a fresh, hot, delicious breakfast creation to order.

There are some great delis in the Garden State. Here are a few that we've heard about from our friends and neighbors which top the list of the best!

Lucky7 Deli in Hamilton

Tops Diner in East Newark

Pierce Street Bagel in Somerset

 Beckman's Deli in Belmar

 Bings Deli in Avon-by-the-Sea

Got one to add?

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