There's a facebook post going around which gives simple advice that you're invited to give to your children and repost with a picture of them. It's full of great words of wisdom and inspired me to ask what the best advice is that you've ever received and who gave it to you. Here's some of what I received:

Robert E. Fausak - "My paternal grandmother, Be a Good Listener."

Steve Loretto - "Going to Marine Corps boot camp, 'keep your head down & never volunteer for anything,' my brother."

Steven Keller - "'It's only money. You can just make more,' my dad."

John Kensil- "'Enjoy Every Ham Sandwich And Well, first of all, let me say that I might have made a tactical error in not going to a physician for 20 years,' Warren Zevon on David Letterman."

Shawn Charlene Donofrio Mills - "'Take people as you meet them,' my father.

Michael Lavelle - "My Dad, 'if you don't have your word your signature mean nothing.'"

Russell Jennings - "My grand father was a very good musician and he told me when I was little and started to show an interest he said, 'If you're gonna do it, stay in your element' I didn't get what he was saying back then but it makes a lot of sense these days. Stay in your element to me means stick with what you can do the best and don't be something you're not, stay in your element, very smart man."

Andy Rehorn - "'Save your money 'cause when the right one comes along you're gonna need a lot of money,' my 11 years older sister Nancy."

Joey Novick - "My dad, “Time is more important than money. You can make more money, don’t waste your time.' I remember the time he told me that, I had asked him for money at that time."

Paul Venier - "'Don’t believe anything you hear and half at what you see,' my father.

Carolyn Dee - "'If you can’t be good, be careful.' Wise words from my Mom."

Kathryn Mezzanotte Munch - "'Never hate, it’s a very strong word!' My dad."

Susan Rochester Zucconi - "My Dad, when I was thirteen. He said you are a very pretty girl and guys are going to want to take advantage of you, and he said why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free😉. Did a comedy spoof about that lol."

Bob DiSogra - "'Keep your eyes and your ears open and your mouth shut,' my dad."

Philly Bob Squires - "'Do unto others, then split,' my dad."

James M. Di Gioia - "My Dad. When I turned 12 I said I can’t wait for next year, Dad asked why and I told him because I’ll be a teenager! He told me to hold on to these years, as they are some of the best. The older you get the faster time goes and WOW truth. So many lessons learned, I miss my Mom and Dad."

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