Today on the Dennis and Judi Show, our hosts asked young listeners to share advice with those that are older than them, and also wanted to hear what advice older callers had to offer to millennials. 

Flickr / Black Chaos
Flickr / Black Chaos


All of the listeners had great lessons to share. Here is what some of the millennials had to say to older audiences:

Chase in Morristown

Save more, work less.

Kevin in Clark

Don't underestimate millennials - they are not all lazy.

Julie in Ocean

Stop babying your kids.


Here is what elder callers shared with millennials:


Karen in Cranford

Wait to get married and be more independent.

Melissa in Cranford

You should make at least 3 people smile a day.

Cory in Toms River

Never take a job because of money.

Sean in Hillsborough

Learn how to work with your hands.

Bob in Middlesex

Stop feeling entitled.

Joe in South Amboy

The Pyramid Scheme doesn't work.

Carl on the Turnpike

Be careful which ringback tones you use - it sets an impression for employers.

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