By Jay Black

The other day, I was at the mall buying some traditional #MeatLoafDay gear (giant bibs, galoshes, Teflon-coated buckets, etc.) and, I'm sad to say, when I wished the clerk a "Merry MeatLoafDay", she replied with "Happy Meat-Related Holidays".

I understand that we all worship meat in different ways, but I'd hate to think that we, as a people, can't find it in our hearts to wish each other a "Merry MeatLoafDay" on the day of MeatLoaf itself. I don't want to spend too much time complaining about it here; I can only hope that Fox and Friends will devote 97 hours on the subject next year and every single MeatLoaf day moving forward into infinity.

Besides that small hitch, Bill's #MeatLoafDay2017 was a smashing success. We had competitors from all over the state (including our own Lieutenant Governor!) stop by the studio to rain down on us thick slabs of meaty goodness.

If you listened last Friday, you know that our own Eric Scott won the competition. And if you didn't listen last Friday, I hope you were visited by the Ghosts of MeatLoafDay Past, Present and Future. Oh, and also by Meat Loaf himself and that the only song he agreed to sing you was "Life is a Lemon (and I Want My Money Back)" from "Bat Out of Hell Part 2."

There's more to the story than Eric's great meatloaf, though, and today's podcast tells that story. Jessica Nutt, Adam Geller, Matt Rooney, and I sequestered ourselves into the NJ 101.5 podcasting studio with meatloaf plates stacked high into the air like WhoVille presents, and judged each loaf thoroughly and without prejudice.

Today, we're releasing the audio of that judging. Before you ask: no it's not all chewing noises. It's the unfettered, behind-the-scenes tale of how a simple Loaf goes from the oven to the plate to the judges mouths and finally into history.

So download it, will ya?

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So, join us, won't you?!

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