Charlie Puth is on a historic meteoric rise in the entertainment business that happens only once or twice in a handful of decades. His laid-back confidence and assertion of his talent are taking the globe by storm.

Charlie at the age of 11 was a contestant on my talent show here in New Jersey. He played the piano and performed a song that he wrote. Did I mention that he was 11 years old?

Historically on my talent show, those who write and perform their own songs don’t get the warm and fuzzy response from the audience strictly because of lack of familiarity with the song. Trust me, had the audience heard that song a couple of times, their reaction would have been different. Needless to say, Charlie didn’t get the warranted response. As fate would have it, he wouldn’t need it.

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Charlie Puth's start in New Jersey

Charlie was born in New Jersey to his mother who was a songwriter and wrote commercial tracks and sound scores for HBO.

Charlie was immersed in the young musician program at the famed Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, he learned to play and study jazz at the age of 12. Charlie’s scope of music stretches the spectrum of success in just about every genre of music.

In 2015, he won Best Song in a Featured Film from the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. At the Billboard Music Awards, he won the Top 100 Song as well as Top Rap Song with his hit See You Again in 2016.

In 2018, he won Top Country Song of the Year, and International Artist of the Year and the list of nominations and awards goes on and is just too long for this article.

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Charlie’s tours sell out in minutes, the demand for his time and association with many projects is great. All through this continued success, you can see calmness and a grounding attitude that seems to me to be humble and thankful. He may spend a good portion of his time in Los Angeles because that’s where his movers and shakers are but for Charlie, he’ll never forget his New Jersey roots where it all started.

He was born to entertain and entertain he does. I am proud of his success and will continue to enjoy watching from the audience his continued rise to meteoric fame.

Continued good luck, Charlie!

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