BAYONNE — The local fire department had an unusual rescue request this weekend when a dog jumped into the frigid waters of the Newark Bay.

The rescue happened on Sunday when the brother-in-law of Assemblyman Nicholas Charavallotti who was visiting from out of town took the dog named Bella for a walk along the water, according to a Facebook post from the Bayonne Office of Emergency Management. While on the walk Bella "inexplicably dove over the bulkhead wall and into Newark Bay below," the post said.

It is a 12 foot drop to the water, and when Bella's owner realized he couldn't reach her he called 911. Members of Bayonne Fire Department Squad 5 responded to the scene and three members worked together to pull Bella from the water. The rescue process started with Captain Scott McGimpsey climbing down a ladder before passing Bella along to two other firefighters "to retrieve a very scared and cold Bella," the post said.


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