The cost of your summer barbeque is going up this year as the prices of meat, cheese and vegetables are rising.  If you're firing up the grill, the price of steaks is up 7%, chicken 22%, and beef 13% over last year, according to the Consumer Price Index.

"I just bought food for a barbeque today and it cost me $60.00" said Teresa, loading up a car full of groceries in Toms River. "Pre-made hamburgers were $8.00 a box for six patties" she added.

Shoppers will also pay more for other grocery store staples, as cheese, flour and corn are also on the rise.  "Tomatoes are $2.00 a pound, cheese is definitely up and rolls have a slight increase in price" said a mother leaving the store with her kids.

"It might be cheaper to buy lobster," said Steve from Toms River.

Blame the increases on the drought in the Midwest hiking prices for feed, resulting in smaller herds coupled with high gas prices across the country.  "Gas prices have fluctuated, but even before the recession, food was high, now its going up again," said Claire from Brick.

"I am putting items back after I see the prices and just buy what I need.  Its ridiculous" said Stephanie from Toms River.

Consumers say the prices are going up, but their paychecks are not.  "I haven't seen a pay increase in a few years, the recession killed us," said one man.

"I'm not making any more money and I'm worried about what I'm going to do in a few years when I retire," said another woman.

"I could order takeout and it would be cheaper," joked one woman leaving the store.

The average price of certain foods is higher now than last year: Food 2011 Price Price Now Change (Information from Consumer Price Index-Mid-Atlantic Region)

All-purpose flour $.49 lb. $.53 lb. 9 percent

Lean ground beef $3.43 lb. $3.86 lb. 13 percent

Sirloin steak $5.69 lb. $6.09 lb. 7 percent

Whole chicken $1.24 lb. $1.52 lb. 22 percent

Grade A large eggs $1.30 $1.58 21 percent