A true Jersey girl has gone viral at just 2 years old.

Content creator Elaina Christina has racked up millions of views online, with the help of her adorable niece, Gia, who can't help but speak with a thick New Jersey accent.

Christina, 24, puts her niece to the test by "speaking without an accent" and then asking her to say the same thing. And Gia delivers hilariously most of the time — "cawfee," "chawk-olate," and so on.

@imelainachristina she was raised RIGHT. & for the record it was very hard for me to say these words without my own accent 😂 #fyp #newjersey #newyork #italianamerican #babytok #babiesoftiktok ♬ original sound - The Elaina Show

On TikTok alone, one of Elaina's videos with Gia has been viewed about 21 million times. Another has more than 8 million views, and New Jersey and New York residents alike are loving the content.

"Baby soprano," one TikTok user wrote.

"The cutest Jersey accent I've ever heard," another said.

@imelainachristina our 2 year old star saying sentences with her NJ italian american family!! for the record- this was stated in the best standard american dialect i can possibly do. im aware i have an accent but I tried my best to show the contrast! #fyp #newyork #newjersey #italianamerican #babytok #babiesoftiktok ♬ original sound - The Elaina Show

Gia's mother is a Jersey girl and her father is from Brooklyn, according to Fox News. Christina first posted "accent" videos with Gia around Christmas. She told Fox News she was overwhelmed by the response, mostly from people who are proud of the unique New Jersey-New York sound.

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