If you live near the woods like I do and you see deer on a regular basis, this is the time of year you spot the baby deer finally coming out to feed.

I live on the edge of the Pine Barrens and we have deer come into the yard regularly to feed. To keep them from eating the shrubs we put out "deer corn" to feed them at least a few times a week. It's a calming and beautiful sight to see out your back window, as long as they're not destroying your plants.

Last week I spotted the first fawns of the season. Does usually produce one fawn per year, but some yearling does will produce twins, like the ones that showed up in my yard last week. They're born in mid to late May, weigh about 5 pounds at birth and have a reddish coat with spots. They start to make their appearance closer to civilization, where mom likes to feed right around this time of year.

I caught a couple on video only a few yards away from my back door last week.

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