Not since former President Barack Obama gave Queen Elizabeth II recordings of his own speeches for her birthday present has an elected official displayed such self-indulgent, self-absorbed behavior.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small presented Vice President Kamala Harris his own faux casino chip with his face pictured.

Here it is:

John Exadaktikos
John Exadaktikos

Vice President Harris was in Atlantic City to deliver a keynote address at the NAACP National Convention at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Harris also participated in a panel discussion while in Atlantic City with the NAACP.

This distinguished NAACP gathering is the largest national convention to come to Atlantic City since 1964 … the scene of The Democratic National Convention.

There is something strange about this Small self-portrait gesture. A whisper down the lane atmosphere has persisted in Atlantic City about this.

I have yet to hear a positive comment about Small’s self-portrait gift selection for the vice president.

People that we have spoken with about this all say that it would have been more appropriate to present the Vice President with the ”key” to the city.

Former Mayor Lorenzo Langford did exactly this with Sir Paul McCartney on September 28, 2002, while he was mayor.

Harry Hurley & Sir Paul McCartney
Harry Hurley & Sir Paul McCartney

Unfavorable comments about Small have come into us from various citizens and several local elected Atlantic City officials, who have called it “embarrassing.”

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They think it made Atlantic City look small on the national stage.

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