Police Officer Joseph Berecheiko was called to a scene last year where he discovered a man and woman who had been stabbed. The victims were in distress and bleeding heavily, prompting the trained EMT to immediately act and get a tourniquet on both of the female victim's arms.

He was successful in stopping the bleeding, saving the 35-year-old woman's life. He was also able to tend to the wounds of the male victim.

Police reported that there was a 25-year-old suspect who was wanted for making terroristic threats against the woman earlier in the day.

Although Officer Berecheiko is humble and feels he was simply "doing his job," his heroic efforts were recognized by the National Association of Police Organizations this month with a "TOP COP" award. Here's the pullquote from the Atlantic County Prosecutor:

I applaud Atlantic City Police Officer Joseph Bereheiko for his commitment to the service of the victims of violent crimes and for his response in saving the (the woman’s life),” acting Atlantic County Prosecutor Cary Shill said. “Officer Joseph Bereheiko’s quick actions in response to this incident show how deserving he is of this recognition. - Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office via Facebook

I'm proud to share the story of this hard-working cop who exemplifies the best of the Atlantic City Police Department at a time when it is increasingly harder for the men and women in law enforcement to do their job.

The A.C. department in particular has been the target of pay cuts and political heat as the bureaucrats in Trenton interfere with local government. That aside, it's important for us to stand up to the men and women who risk their lives and safety for complete strangers. God bless the Blue.

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