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1) ‘The Interview’ makes $1 million theater debut and becomes Sony's No. 1 Online Movie Of All Time.
Did you see it? What was the biggest waste of time movie you’ve ever seen?

2) VOTE: Police turn their backs on Mayor at Officer Rafael Ramos’ funeral. Was it appropriate?

3) Have you ever been hit on by a member of the same sex and how did you react? Do you believe the “gay panic” murder defense should be banned?

4) How did you get engaged? A couple of N.J. State Police troopers get engaged at Giants-Eagles game.

5) A story we have online at suggests that more women in New Jersey are learning to shoot a gun – have you?

6) This weekend there were a number of late model Camaros and Chargers that had passed me up on the road. What was the coolest car you’ve ever owned?

7) A poll shows that Half of Americans Don't Want Their Sons Playing Football. I feel football’s popularity will start to decline in 20 years. What say you?
Here’s tonight’s poll question: