Senate President Steve Sweeney joined New Jersey 101.5's Eric Scott Thursday night for an hour of your questions about the issues facing New Jersey.

Throughout the hour, Sweeney sounded a cautious tone about higher taxes or measures he said could push away millionaires, everyday residents and businesses. How that concern plays out in negotiations with Gov. Phil Murphy over his proposed FY 2020 budget -- which includes a penalty for employers who forgo healthcare for employees, as well as a new millionaire's tax -- remains to be seen.

"The people that can't leave -- they're the ones in the middle class and the working poor, and they wind up paying more," Sweeney said about a tax atmosphere he said has gotten too extreme.

In the tradition of New Jersey 101.5's long-running "Ask the Governor" series, "An Evening with Senate President Steve Sweeney" gave residents the chance to ask one of the state's highest-ranking officials their questions — about policy, politics or their day-to-day struggles with government. It's a chance to cut through the bureaucracy and get immediate answers.

See the replay above.

Also: From Sweeney's appearance on New Jersey 101.5 last year:

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