I spent a lot of time this Thanksgiving weekend with Artie Lange. Wednesday night at The Stress Factory where we taped an interview and again on Saturday night at the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza where he put on such a great show, that we're going back there on New Year's Eve. Artie Lange is a man who realizes where he's at and is fighting hard to fix it, both through rehab and entertaining the fans that he loves.

There was a vibe in both these shows that transcended a normal comedy show. I would best describe these as a gathering of Artie's friends who truly were there to hang with him and hear his funny stories from the stage, which he still crushes by the way, and also to support him in his fight to stay clean.  I can honestly say after this weekend that I've never seen a comedian more beloved by his fans. Before the shows, they were coming to me genuinely worried about him. You could hear it when I brought him on to the standing ovation he received when the show ended. Artie returned that love afterwards graciously speaking with as many as he could before he was taken back to rehab. Artie's hoping his journey will be a help to others who are dealing with addiction.

I also spent a lot of time with the people who are helping and supporting him through his rehab. Tommy Garofola, marketing official from the facility that Artie's at, is an old friend from Union City that I would trust with my life, as Lange is now doing with him and Kevin Meara from City Of Angels, who was there the night Lange decided to get clean. He was in Cherry Hill Saturday night as well as "Reverend" Bob Levy, who's been there for Artie since the beginning. From both working and hanging with Lange, I can honestly tell you he's very serious about his fight and vulnerable to his situation as he tweets, "I'm scared."

Artie, we ALL hope you survive and know that whatever happens along the way, we've got your back!

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