Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop joined Jim Gearhart this morning to discuss a new measure that has been getting a lot of press and causing a lot of discussion.

Steven Fulop (City of Jersey City)

Mayor Fulop has proposed a "earned sick day" ordinance. If passed after a public hearing, the ordinance would require all businesses with 10 or more workers to provide up to 5 days of paid sick time to employees annually. Members of the business community have been against the measure.

The mayor says at first he was cautious but the more he looked into it, it became a human dignity issue. Mayor Fulop said that that local council is on board and it looks as if it will pass when voted on. A vote is expected with the next couple weeks.

While Jersey City may be the first in NJ and the region to start this measure, they are not the first in the country as cities such as Portland and San Fransisco have already adopted this.

You can listen to Jim's interview with Mayor Fulop below.

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