New Jersey has some of the best food trucks in the nation.

As a foodie, what's better than having the food come to you? What's funny is that I'm old enough to remember that a food truck was a pickup truck with storage delivering coffee and assorted breakfast pastries. We used to call them "roach coaches." Wow, have things changed.

Today food trucks offer everything from empanadas to cheesesteaks to baked potatoes. I love it.

The best part of my job is when I'm walking out of the studio and there's a food truck with all the delicious smells wafting through the front of our building. We've had some great food trucks visit the studio over the years and each one brought a unique style, flavor and technique.

The best part is that the food truck is totally contained. Food storage, grills, ovens, beverages. It's a restaurant on wheels. I love it.

We've had several trucks that have taken the journey early to feed the crew. I might be writing this article to encourage them to come back, just sayin'. We love food trucks at New Jersey 101.5. Here are some of the best around New Jersey.

Cousins Maine Lobster

House of Cupcakes 


My Treat Truck

My Treat Truck
My Treat Truck

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