Ok, maybe Twitter war is a tad harsh. But Bill's worlds were definitely colliding over the weekend when two of his co-workers had some words on Twitter.

Bill was responding to one of his co-workers on Chasing News and he said that he worked in a "weird place." Considering all the Tweeting Bill does, not out of the ordinary, right? Well, here is where is gets interesting:

Check out the response by Chasing News Reporter, Diana Blass:

As producer of the Bill Spadea show, I just couldn't let that go. I had to defend the station:

So this morning on the show, we decided to discuss it and get things out in the open. It seems as if Diana may be covering Gov. Christie's press conferences too long and that she is starting to take it out on Bill's other co-workers. Bill and I decided to call this controversy #BlassGate.

We'll have Diana on the show tomorrow to defend her actions. It should be interesting to say the least. Will she call in from the George Washington Bridge? Or maybe a closed beach?


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