It's no secret that there are plenty of restrictions on beaches at the Jersey Shore. Coming this summer all beaches will be smoke free and if you want to crack open a beer, at least you had Sandy Hook. That's gone now too. Sandy Hook is a national park and has different rules from the Socialist Republic of New Jersey. But coming this summer they too will forbid alcoholic beverages from being consumed by legal adults on its beaches too.

I'm not a drinker, so it doesn't affect me, but it affects all of us. The lack of liberty in this state, is mind boggling to not only people from other states, but from most people around the world. When beachgoers from other countries are told you can't smoke outdoors or enjoy a beer in your beach chair, the reaction is one of bemusement. No other state in the country and no other country in the world makes it more difficult or expensive to enjoy or even get onto a beach like we do here in New Jersey. If you've been to beaches ANYWHERE else you notice a freedom that doesn't exist at our beaches. It's amazing and makes you wonder why we put up with it and how we got here.

You can partially blame Bradley Beach. Yes, I like Bradley too, but back in 1929, they were the first town in this state to impose a beach fee to keep the hordes of out of towners from invading their town on hot summer days. Many other towns followed, with the exception of Atlantic City and the Wildwoods, which still remain free. It boils my blood every summer when some bored kid with his hair in his face stops me and my family at the beach and demands $8 for the privilege of sitting on the beach. It's humiliating and stupid, but we've all gotten used to it, like the rest of the abuses we allow our government bodies here to impose on us.

Even the legislators with a shred of American spirit in their hearts have given up. No proposals have been put forward in years. So it's time to line up with the rest of the sheep and shell out more of our money to feed the corrupt machine that runs our live if you want to enjoy a little beach fun this summer. Or you can take the family to Delaware, Virginia, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, North Carolina, etc.

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