Another day, another study that shows New Jersey in a negative light. This time we ranked toward the bottom of the states in the category of driving.

The study was done by, and determined its rankings on three broad categories: safety, cost, and driving quality. Included in that are things like insurance premiums, car theft rate, commuting time, and quality of roads; cost was 45%, driving quality was 35%, and safety was 20%.

When taken all together, New Jersey ranked 47th and with commute times and road quality factored in, I guess it makes sense- we were particularly low in the driving quality category. The ones behind us overall are Hawaii, Connecticut, and California. The top states are North Dakota, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

If you want to get jealous, North Dakota’s average commute time is 18 minutes and only 10% of their roads are in poor condition. They also have lower repair costs and lower insurance premiums.

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