🐶 Mount Olive resident saved two caged dogs

🐶 They were left outside in 16-degree cold

🐶 Video showed black car abandoning them

MOUNT OLIVE — A Dover man is charged with animal cruelty for abandoning his two dogs in a town ten miles away from home, according to police.

Felipe Rogelnarce, 44, has been arrested and released pending a future court hearing, Mount Olive police said.

The two pit bulls were found outside in a crate along Gold Mine Road on Sunday morning. Officers were called around 9:30 p.m. to help get the dogs out of the cold.

(Brian Megrini)
(Brian Megrini)

Temperatures in the area dipped to a "frigid" 16 degrees, according to New Jersey 101.5 Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

Mount Olive man rescues two abandoned dogs

Brian Magrini said to New Jersey 101.5 that the dogs were dropped off by a black vehicle near the corner of Gold Mine Road and Tanglewood Way.

Their crate was covered with a blanket so that passersby couldn't see the animals.

Dogs abandoned in Mount Olive (Brian Magrini)
Dogs abandoned in Mount Olive (Brian Magrini)

Magrini and his neighbor noticed the animals and went to check on them, then called the police.

"I would hope everyone would do what we did," Magrini said.

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Police gave the dogs over to Mount Olive Animal Control. New Jersey left a voicemail for Animal Control Officer Frank Nelson on Thursday afternoon.

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