This is hysterical. Kristen Hampton is a newscaster from Charlotte, NC and she recently experienced the glory of driving in New Jersey for the first time. It unnerves her big time.

Hampton mentions at the beginning of the video that the experience she had needs to be shared with all of America because she suspects that they are not aware of the mayhem in our fair state. She says how rattled she is from driving on the Turnpike, driving 70-75 miles per hour (as if that’s fast enough) and people were flying by her!

She got off at a Turnpike rest stop and and was absolutely flummoxed by the concept of having a gas station and multiple restaurants in the same place. I hate to tell her this, but other roads in the US use the same concept. Of course, she is shocked that an attendant pumped her gas, but it’s the rest of the rest stop that really amazed her: Multiple restaurants AND a restroom under one roof? Incredible!

Welcome to New Jersey, Kristen!

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