1 in 4 fatal crashes involve a heavy truck, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. But are trucks the main cause of most Turnpike accidents?

Yesterday a truck crash on the NJ Turnpike caused a massive explosion and lane closures. Speeding is likely a popular cause related to the above statistic, but I asked callers to share their ideas as to what's making this highway so dangerous.

Steve, a trucker who called from Trenton, said many drivers play chicken with trucks. "They try to get around the truck before a construction zone begins," he said. Carrying heavy loads prevents trucks from stopping quickly, and blind spots make the situation worse.

Ro, a 29-year-old trucker, said he sees people texting and driving constantly, and this is making matters worse.

Deloris from West Windsor pointed out that the 1 in 4 ratio seems normal when you consider there are more cars on the road than trucks.

Dan from Princeton said a simple solution to this issue would be to use more trains to transport goods, thus freeing up our roadways.

What do you think causes so many accidents on the Turnpike? Let us know in the comments section below.

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