To the leaders of this great city and the people who live and vote there. GET YOUR $#!+ TOGETHER!

I was born and raised in Philadelphia during a very tumultuous time. It was the 1960s. Racial tension and violence were a part of everyday life when I was growing up. The city survived and we survived. One main reason was law and order.

Philadelphia was one of the major cities in the country that didn't experience the devastating riots that burned many other cities' neighborhoods to the ground. The city had a tough law and order reputation.

Those days are long gone. The city's police commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, is an out-of-town hire who checked off all of the diversity boxes and needed a bigger city on her resume on her career climb up the law enforcement ladder.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The former police commissioner was a veteran Philly cop who came up the ranks named Richard Ross. He was tough, but he was fair, and he was very involved. He had the respect and command of his men and women in uniform.

The force today seems demoralized and afraid in many cases to get the bad guys. Everybody's got a cell phone ready to take video and they're afraid that the top brass won't have their backs.

The result is lawlessness and a murder rate that is once again this year skyrocketing. Of this writing, there have been more than 80 homicides so far already this year.

Many of the murders are gang-related and people who know each other. When the mafia was killing each other back in the 80s many of us said, "well, at least they're killing each other".

What happened two weeks ago is the reason many people, including my family, do not go to Philadelphia anymore. A 33-year-old woman was brutally attacked by eight young people in the early evening of February 24.

The brutal and senseless attack occurred in a very busy and famous intersection in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, 15th and Chestnut.

Center City Philadelphia via Google Maps
Center City Philadelphia via Google Maps

They have photos of the suspects, and some may have been arrested by now. It was six females and two males involved in the attack.

This kind of depraved, unprovoked, savage attack on another innocent human being is indeed a sad commentary on how our society has devolved. People who do things like this, no matter what age, need to be removed from the population and dealt with severely. It's imperative to maintain a thriving civilized society.

There is a mayoral election coming up in that city this coming November. The current mayor is a progressive, pandering, virtue-signaling mess who admitted on tape a few months ago that he can't wait not to be mayor of the city anymore. 

Good riddance, Jim Kenney, the Bill DeBlasio of Philadelphia. The next mayor MUST get the city under control and crack down on the criminal element that is destroying this once great city.

A lot of us who live here in South Jersey rely on a safe and thriving Philadelphia for work, family and entertainment. Voters of Philadelphia: Don't vote for race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or any other immutable characteristic of a person for future mayor.

Vote for someone with the humanity to realize how desperate the situation is and the balls to come down hard on the people who are destroying lives and the life of the city itself.

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