Dear Scarlet Knights,

I owe you an apology.

For years I ignored you. And when I wasn’t ignoring you, I mocked you. Assuming that there was no way that you could ever make any headway in the NCAA. And even though you may not even know who I am, I probably should’ve been more supportive, having an audience of New Jersey listeners as I do. I should’ve gotten people on your side. But I didn’t.

Most people know that I am not really a sports fan. Most people also know that just about the only sport I can watch is basketball. I’m not sure why that is. I think because it’s easy to follow and it’s the only sport that I was really exposed to most of my life. Don’t ask me why.

Jewish kids love basketball. But Dennis and I spent a good amount of time trashing Rutgers on the air. And I apologize.

We didn’t specifically pick the basketball team to trash. We were actually focusing more on the football team. But in general, we have not been supportive of Rutgers sports and all the years we’ve been together. So, I’m sorry. Because this is exciting. One of the most competitive times of the year has finally arrived.

Every year when the NCAA tournament rolls around, New Jersey living rooms are immediately occupied by families and posters with the tournament brackets. Regardless of what Dennis and I think of it, March Madness is exciting to no matter what teams are playing, so to think that New Jersey is lucky enough to have one of his very own teams participating means that I got to show Rutgers some love. You Scarlet Knights from Rutgers have inched your way into the tournament.

You’re on your way to the first round of March Madness on March 15 or 16, in Dayton, Ohio, against Notre Dame.

Everyone loves a "Cinderella story." And wouldn’t it be great to see the Scarlet Knights become New Jersey’s heroes? I know it’s a long shot but I just want to tell the team that I am sorry for never giving them any recognition.

This is pretty cool and we’re behind you. So I guess I’ll be watching basketball this year. And win or lose, forgive me. You did New Jersey proud.

Judi Franco

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