If this idea becomes reality, it may be something you'd want to add to your bucket list — hike or bike the Tri-State Trail.

A proposal from the Regional Plan Association calls for a 1,650-mile continuous trail connecting New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

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The idea builds off of 800 miles of already-existing trails, which would link with trails currently under construction, such as the Morris Canal Greenway and Empire State Trail.

"Building the Tri-State Trail network will promote health, equity, the environment, and economic activity throughout the region," RPA's proposal states. "Access to green space has many proven health benefits, including decreased rates of depression and obesity. The Tri-State Trail will also create safe routes for natural migration while reducing the need for car travel and associated carbon emissions for residents to visit natural areas."

According to the urban-planning think tank, the proposal would put trail access within two miles of more than 80 percent of the region's population — an increase of nearly 25 percent from today.

"It's a long-term vision and we hope that this starts the ball rolling," Robert Freudenberg, RPA's vice president of energy and environment programs, told New Jersey 101.5.

The trail proposal is part of RPA's overall regional plan scheduled for full release in November.

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